2015 Pricing Guide

  • All Transfer Packages include TapeChek Cleaning (restoration service not included). Video Tape Restoration Services available for $50.00 per tape volume discount not available, expedite service available for $100.00 per tape. *Hand Cleaning included with all restoration service
  • Expedited orders are $29.95 per tape (standard service only), volume discounts not available, expedited shipping not included. Expedite shipping is available and invoice directly to customer. Please contact us directly (PHONE or EMAIL) for all expedited orders.
 “We don’t transfer dirty tapes to DVD…it’s just not a quality method to do so…..

Standard Video Tape Transfer Service

Accepted Videotapes Formats
1 Tape$24.95
2-5 Tapes$24.50 per tape
6-10 Tapes$23.95 per tape
11-20 Tapes$23.50 per tape
21-35 Tapes$22.99 per tape
36-49 Tapes$19.95 per tape

What do I get

Premium Video Cassette Transfer Service – (VHS, S-VHS & VHS-C) Transfers using 6 Head Video Conversion with Hi-Fidelity (hi-fi) Sound (NTSC & PAL).

*Archive Gold Series DVD Included

1 Tape$34.95
2-5 Tapes$33.50 per tape
6-10 Tapes$32.99 per tape
11-20 Tapes$31.50 per tape
21-35 Tapes$29.95 per tape
36-49 Tapes$28.99

What do I get

Platinum Series Transfer Service (NTSC & PAL)

(Available on all forms of video cassette tapes: VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, BETA, minDV, DVCAM & 8mm/Hi8

Our Platinum Series video transfer is  the “Top-Shelf” brand and pretty much one of the best transfers known in the industry today (we have the reviews to prove it)! The reason it has become so well known, the super high quality and clarity that our customers receive when watching the DVD movie we have sent them. Each tape is thoroughly cleaned and tested before transferred using TapeCheck and chemical bath when needed. Each tape is monitored during the entire transfer process and fine adjustments made during the transfer on our Professional Series 6 Head VHS Transfer equipment. Platinum Series Transfer includes one Archive Gold Series DVD  for long-term storage and better DVD performance and one High Quality Verbatim Master DVD as well. It does not make sense to digitize your memories only to store them on a cheap/generic .20 cent DVD that is not designed to last more than a year or so. Each Tape converted onto DVD will come with one Custom Hard Case DVD Storage Holder with custom printed labels and custom video images printed on the face of the DVD Hard Case (see sample image below).

There is no better quality and clarity available on the market today in comparison to our Platinum Series Transfers. So, surprise your wife or

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husband today, restore and Archive that precious wedding video that is still stuck on VHS with our Platinum Series Transfers only available at: MyDVDTransfer.com

For Only $49.95 Per Tape

(Special Offer Month of March 2015 on all Platinum orders $35.00 per tape, ask to “Platinize Your Order”)