Video Cassette Cleaning and Repair

All S-VHS, VHS, VHS-C, & BETA tapes are cleaned and burnished with TapeChek before we transfer to DVD. TapeCheck will remove all the dirt, dust, mold and old oxide from the tape for a more crystal clear transfer and prolong the life of the tape as well. For our do-it-yourself home users who want to conduct thier own video-tape transfers, we can clean them for you at a discounted rate listed below. Our motto is: ‘We’ll clean them, you transfer them…”. Our cleaning services will allow customers to achieve a high quality transfer and reduce the wear and tear on your VHS player as well. Dirty video tapes will clog your video heads quickly. TapeChek will ensure your VHS player stays clean and dirt free! A video on how TapeChek works is available on our website at:

Video Cassette Tape Cleaning & Repairs

Digital 8 and Analog 8mm video cassette are cleaned with a smilar machine made by Amico Industries as RTI & TapeChek does not manufacturer an 8mm Tape Cleaner.

1 Tape$14.95
2-5 Tapes$9.95 each
6-10 Tapes$9.49 each
11-20 Tapes$8.95 each
21-35 Tapes$7.49 each
36-49 Tapes$6.95 each

*Cleanings that involve mold removal add $14.99 per tape for each pricing bracket. Mold removal requires sanitation procedures of our equipment to ensure mold growth and buildup does not occur and to help protect the integrity of our machines as well.

*Tapes requiring the cassette to be opened, hand cleaned (we literally hand clean your tape inch by inch) and Sanitized will be charged an additional amount of $29.95 per tape. General tape repairs without hand cleaning are $9.95 per tape.

*Video Tape Restoration Services available for $49.95 per tape volume discount not available, expedite service available for $100.00 per tape. *Hand Cleaning included with all restoration service

*Shipping charges of $4.95 apply on single tape cleaning orders.

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