35mm Slides and Photos Transfer

35mm Slides & Photos

All slide orders include cleaning and automatic up convert to 1080dpi. We have the ability to scan at very high resolution (6400 x 9600 and higher). Standard scan is 300dpi, depending on the quality of the original media or geared towards customers seeking higher quality we can scan at 600dpi and higher (add 15 cents to each pricing bracket) if your needs require a higher definition image. We can meet the demand for our Corporate and Industrial customers as well. All slides include DIGITAL enhancement technology at no extra charge (Digital ICE). Our sophisticated software is one of the best technologies available today. Digital enhancement will digitally smooth-over and remove scratches, lint and dust from all your old slides giving a more crystal clear image. You’ll think your slides were brand new! The best part unlike a lot of our competitors, we don’t charge extra for it!

0-16 slides$1.99 each
17-32 slides$1.85 each
33-48 slides$1.70 each
49-64 slides$1.55 each
64-80 slides$1.30 each
81-199 slides$1.15 each
200 – 499$.99 cents each

*All orders over 500 slides call direct for pricing and scheduling.

*Basic Automated Slide Show & introduction title menu included with all 35mm slide orders,