Questions and Answers

Preserving Your Most Valuable Possession of All…Memories!

Q: Do you want to make sure you don’t lose those precious memories?

A: You don’t have to worry, mydvdtransfer will do it for you! Whether your memories are on VHS, 8mm or Super 8, we can preserve them for you. We can transfer your home videos to dvd or digital.

Q: Have you been putting off preserving your video tapes and film?

A: Take advantage of our incredible offers and save today! Time is of essence and home videos especially legacy Super 8, regular 8mm and 16mm become brittle and unsusable over-time.

Q: Do you want the ability to edit your home video?

A: Now you can, easily and with high quality! When we convert your home movies to dvd, all dvd’s are in a format that you can easily duplicate or make copies. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not enscript or copy-protect your family videos. We understand these are your memories and precious!

Q: So how do I get started?

A: Send us your tapes and we’ll mail you back digital/ DVD copies of all your favorite family events! Click here to start.

* We convert and transfer any form of media to DVD and digital, even BETA and U-MAX has a home at…

Q: How should we prepare our materials before shipping?

A: MyDVDTransfer recommends for the best security of your precious videos and memories that all customers should take the time to correctly count the number of items you are shipping and mark each item individually with customers last name and number sequence of items you are sending, Example: Mrs. Jones is sending 4 VHS tapes and 3 miniDV Tapes. On each tape Mrs. Jones should mark with an ID tag (even a small avery label works great) Jones 1 of 7, Jones 2 of 7, Jones 3 of 7…. so forth and so on for tapes 4 thru 7. This will ensure your count is correct and give you piece-of-mind knowing you sent the correct number of materials. Remember to ship with tracking and always include delivery/signature confirmation for extra security especially when shipping legal, medical, estate planning and priceless personal videos as well. Remember to check the inside of each tape holder (please be cautious not to ship empty containers while counting them as a full tape).

Q: Where do we mail our materials?

A: All materials should be packed well using bubble wrap, mailing popcorn or even old plastic grocery bags work great (please do not send any old fruit that may be left in your bags. We got bananas galore around here even when we don’t want them…haha.. 🙂 remember to use tracking or delivery confirmation and mail to: MyDVDTransfer  478 Elden St.. PMB 206 Herndon, VA 20170

Q: Is video editing included in the transfers:

A: Video editing is not included in any of our transfers, limited stop/start editing on empty spots or unwanted footage is on a case by case basis, consult a MyDVDTransfer technician for further details and questions.



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MyDVDTransfer has not issued a single refund relating to transfer quality in over 5 years!

To ensure the most security of your materials, please remember to clearly identify and tag all materials sent with customers last name & number of materials being sent.

Specific instructions are available for your knowledge at the bottom of our pricing page, feel free to check it out…it’s good stuff! MyDVDTransfer is not responsible for lost or damaged items from shipping or while processing your order.