Video Cassette Tape Transfers (VHS, Hi8mm, miniDV, DVCAM, BETA & more)Audio Cassette Tapes & Vinyl Records
Legacy Film Transfer & Restoration (Super 8 sound & silent, regular 8mm, 16mm)Photos & 35mm slides (Digital Picture Show)
Video Editing & ArchivingVideo Cassette Cleaning & Film Cleaning

“Preserving Your Most Valuable Possession Of All, Memories…!”

Our services range from simple transfer of legacy Super 8 sound and silent film, Regular 8 film, 16mm film. Reel to reel film restoration is our specialty. MyDVDTransfer specializes in restoring 8mm Home Movies to. All reel to reel film is professionally cleaned.

Special restoration and transfer services also include: VHS, 8mm video tapes, Hi8mm, miniDV, legacy BETA (BETA I,II & III), vinyl records, audio cassette tapes and many other forms of media to Digital and DVD. Service available for all formats of NTSC, PAL & SECAM. We also offer our customers the option to add customized services like title menus, background music and advanced editing.

At MyDVDTransfer, we understand how important your family memories are. We also understand the meaning of value: offering customers the most service possible for their dollar. Good old-fashioned America business, as we like to say; the way businesses used to be and the way business ought to be nowadays. People shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars converting a few family videos to DVD and with; we promise that you’ll never have to! In order to preserve your memories for generations to come, we also offer archiving on special DVDs called M-Disc which, resistant to light, temperature and humidity, are designed to last for up to 1000 years!

*Additional information on video tape cleaning, commercial services, and M-Disc archiving technology is listed under the Archiving Your Memories section of this page.

Straight Transfer:

We understand that not all customers want to add advanced features to their home video transfers. That’s why our flagship Straight Transfer service has become so popular. Straight Transfer allows our customers to receive a High-Quality (all transfers up-convert to 1080dpi) transfer to Digital/DVD at an extremely affordable rate. This option works well for customers who want to perform editing on their own. Transfer services available for all formats of video cassette tapes: VHS, S-VHS, miniDV, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, microMV (NTSC & PAL on all formats)

Cleaning & Restoring Your Memories:

Thanks to our professional cleaning and restoration equipment, such as the RTI VT-2100, we offer cleaning of film and video tapes (VHS tape cleaning, BETA & Hi8mm) as part of our service and at NO extra charge. We understand that your memories are precious, but also that film ages, and we professionally clean all of the film and video tapes that come to us for the clearest, cleanest possible DVD transfers. We use the same techniques that industry studios use, without the expensive studio pricing! Feel free to view our YouTube video on VHS tape cleaning. The video demonstrates how the TapeChek VT-2100 will clean, polish and restore your memories!

Many of the national video transfer companies like the services through Walmart, COSTCO, CVS and others as well do not discuss VHS Tape cleaning, the reason they do not is simple; it’s because they don’t offer it! Many consumer’s have come to MyDVDTransfer after having their tapes returned from companies like YES Video. These companies have told the consumers their tapes could not be transferred because of mold or dirt that has accumulated on the tape. With professional cleaning and restoration service we have been very successful helping these customers retrieve their memories that other companies could not and we have the reviews to prove it!

All film is carefully hand-cleaned. We use Filmrenew and Solvon, a special cleaning solution that will clean, lubricate, and polish your film. Our proven method provides customers the clearest high-quality image available. MyDVDTransfer will restore the condition of your film and it will last even longer when it is back home safely with you. Using hand rewinds and 100% cotton cloths specially designed for film, we clean and inspect every inch of your film for kinks and tears, patch it where necessary and repair older splices that need to be replaced.

MyDVDTransfer also offers services for our do-it-yourself and video enthusiast customers as well. Cleaning services without the obligation of purchasing video transfers are available for video cassette tapes like VHS and film cleaning (Super 8 sound & silent, 8mm and 16mm). MyDVDTransfer will professionally clean your tapes using our VT-2100. This service is designed for customers who want to conduct their own video transfers but still require the cleaning service of their tapes before transferring. This is a great way for do-it-yourself users to get a high-quality transfer while prolonging the life of your tapes and the transfer equipment. Video-heads can become dirty and clogged very easily from the dirt and oxide that video tapes and film accumulate over the years. “We’ll clean it, you transfer it”, as we like to say! Many do-it-yourself video enthusiasts have expressed the benefit and value we have offered them with our cleaning services and we’re glad to have helped to them!

Legacy film cleaning, splicing and restoration services are available for Super 8 sound and silent, regular 8mm and 16mm. Once again, we’ll clean it, you transfer it….

Archiving Your Memories:

MyDVDtransfer focuses on helping our customers preserve their memories for a life-time. It is important that our customers understand, we focus on quality and preservation, not mass production of thousands of videos per-day. Unlike Walmart, COSTCO and CVS that focus on transferring your memories in a production environment, MyDVDTransfer focuses on quality, preservation and individual customer care to ensure we are preserving your memories with the highest attention to quality as possible. Production Studios will not provide the level of individual attention to your memories that we do at

MyDVDTransfer utilizes Falcon Media Archive Gold Series DVDs for all Archive Services.

Archival Gold DVD-R integrates a double reflective layer of both Gold and Silver to ensure highest video quality possible for long-term storage. The 24K gold layer offers maximum resistance to environmental degradation. Especially corrosion which is one of the major causes of discs failure in standard media. While the silver layer delivers high reflectivity and broad drive compatibility.

Archival Gold DVD-R will ensure best recording performance. The Ultra Hard Coat UHC™ is for safe handling. UHC™ secures the content by providing 100 times more scratch protection when compared to conventional DVDs. The protective UHC layer will ensure your memories are here for many years of family enjoyment.


For our Commercial and Industrial Customers, we offer full services in advanced technological editing, imagery services, 3D Animation, Digital Media Replication and CD/DVD Duplication. Corporate based customers, have no fear, we treat you like our family based customers as well….oh yeah and in case you didn’t hear unlike our competitors; “we don’t charge you more….pretty neat HUH?”

Virginia: 703-707-8394      Florida: 727-260-7991

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