Q: What kind of info do I have to provide?

A: Just the basics. Name, email, phone number, and return address. There’s a link to it HERE.

Q: Where do I send my tapes?

A: Please contact us to get our shipping address.

Q: Can you clean moldy tapes?

A: Yes! We have the best cleaning equipment and years of experience. If we can’t clean it, we won’t charge you. (This is the most time consuming aspect of our work)

Q: How long does the transfer take?

A: Two weeks on average. It really depends on the size of your order and the time of the year. Since we are a very small business that focuses on quality, some projects can take longer than others.

Q: How do you handle shipping costs?

A: If you ship it to us, we will pay for the shipping back.

Q: What can you convert my tapes/film to?

A: We can convert to any format, but besides DVD’s, we typically we use .MP4.

Q: How many DVD’s will I need?

A: DVD’s hold about two hours of footage without loss.¬†After using two DVD’s on a tape, we charge $4.99 for additional DVD’s.

Q: Can you convert tapes from overseas?

A: Yes! We convert tapes from all over the world. We can transfer PAL tapes as well!

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: We typically send a Paypal invoice you can pay with any card. We also accept checks and cash.

Q: What if my tape isn’t full?

A: We charge by the tape, most of the time there is more footage on there than you think.


Q: What if I have a large order?

A: Contact us directly! We would love to give you a great deal!