DVD Archive & Storage

MyDVDTransfer offers three types of Archive and Storage Option for our customers that are looking for a long-term storage option for all thier precious memories that have been converted and transferred to DVD and digital. It is important to remember, standard DVDs are not considered long-term storage and only carry an average life expectancy under normal wear and tear for about 5 to 10 years. Standard DVDs can become scratched and damaged very easily. The DVD can begin to skip and stop working altogether. That’s why at MyDVDTransfer we offer a 2nd DVD set for free, it is merely our way of offering customers a little added protection at NO extra charge however, it is not designed to serve as a true Archive or Storage option. The advantage to choosing an M-DISC or Archive upgrade is that it will serve as protection from losing the memories and video that you have transferred. It will grealty reduce the hassle of having to pay for a second transfer 5 or 10 years down the road.

Option 1: Gold Series Archive DVDs:  $14.95per DISC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (offers decades of shelf life protection, more resistance to scratches natural wear and tear than standard DVD, Gold Layer and Ultra-Hard Protective Coating)

Option 2: Standard Archive (AZO) HighQuality DVDs: $9.95per DISC 

(offers 50 year shelf life, more resistance to scratches natural wear and tear than standard DVD)

Option 3: Hard Case DVD Storage Holders  to Protect your Archive DVDs: $9.95 (black or clear)

CD & DVD Duplication

(Pricing below includes High Quality DVD & Paper Window Sleeve)

* We do not use generic DVD’s or CD’s

* Orders over QTY 1500 please call for direct pricing and scheduling

*Orders over QTY 1500 please call for direct pricing and scheduling

MyDVDTransfer Terms and Conditions:

MyDVDTransfer is not responsible for lost or damaged items. We are not responsible for the miscount of any materials we receive.

*To ensure best order performance for customers and security of your personal videos/memories. It is best to identify all materials individually before shipping to us. Simple small sticky labels or small avery labels work well. Mark each tape or reel with customers last name and number sequence of tapes or reels you are sending. Example: Customers Last name is Jones and sending 4 VHS tapes. Tag should read for tape 1: Jones 1 of 4  and for tape 2: Jones 2 of 4…repeat the same for tape 3 and 4 etc…

Terms and Conditions apply to all online orders, drop-off locations and website forums and purchasing websites such as: Angies List, Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, Yelp and all other associates third party websites.

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