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MyDVDTransfer has been helping preserve memories since we opened in 2006. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for the future of our customers.

Denis Pokolev has over 6 years of experience in Media Conversion Services and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. As a company we pride ourselves in the most professional-quality transfers. As opposed to some of our competitors, we care about the final product that we produce. From film to tapes, we take the most care in cleaning and preserving your media.

The average lifespan of your home videotapes is about 20-30 years, and about 50 for film. Your tapes are slowly starting to degrade and will eventually no longer be viewable. Each time you view, rewind or fast-forward your videotape, it is slowly breaking down, and sooner or later, you might lose all your recorded precious memories on tape. So save them now and have them in a digital format forever!

MyDVDTransfer can help you do that right now. Contact us to get started.