Transfer vhs, minidvd, vhs-c, super 8 film, 8mm film, 16mm film, hi8mm, 8mm, home video tapes to dvdThe Video Home (better known by its abbreviation VHS) is a consumer-level analog recording videotape-based cassette. The 1970s was a period when video recording became a major contributor to the television industry. Like many other technological innovations, each of several companies made an attempt to produce a television recording standard that the majority of the world would embrace. At the peak of it all, the home video industry was caught up in a series of videotape format wars. Two of the formats, VHS and Betamax, received the most media exposure. VHS would eventually win the war, and therefore succeed as the dominant home video format, lasting throughout the tape format period.
Transfer home videos, VHS to DVDThe average lifespan of your home videotapes is about 20 years. Your tapes are slowly starting to degrade and will eventually no longer viewable. Each time you view, rewind or fast-forward your videotape, it is slowly breaking down and sooner or later, you might lost all your precious memories recorded on Tapes (VHS). can help you do that right now. Contact us to get started.
Transfer camcorder tapes, miniDV, HD miniDV to bluerayYou don’t have to worry, MyDVDTransfer will do it for you! Whether your memories are on VHS, 8mm or Super 8, we can preserve them for you. We can transfer your home videos to dvd or digital. Take advantage of our incredible offers and save today! Time is of essence and home videos especially legacy Super 8, regular 8mm and 16mm become brittle and unsusable over-time. Now you can, easily and with high quality! When we convert your home movies to dvd, all dvd’s are in a format that you can easily duplicate or make copies. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not enscript or copy-protect your personal family memories. We understand these are your memories and precious to both you and your family!

Home Video to DVD Transfer and Restoring reel to reel film

Preserving your precious family memories is an important and critical task for many of our customers. MyDVDTransfer recognizes this fact and we handle your family videos whether transferring VHS to DVD, miniDV to DVD, BETA to DVD or even legacy film transfers like Super 8 film to DVD; we handle your home video transfer as our own family memories….

Our satisfied customers have chosen MyDVDTransfer because of the extensive measures we take in preserving your memories. We have the reviews to prove it, with over 70 A ratings on Angies List alone, no other home video transfer company has achieved this goal and we are very proud of it. Very few companies in the home video transfer industry offer the type of professional film cleaning and restoration equipment to their customers as we do. The key to a good quality home movie transfer is cleaning and the restoration of the original media before transferring your home video tapes and film to DVD. We offer true services for restoring 8mm Home Movies, Super 8 and 16mm film as well. Many companies discuss video editing add-on services and other services to digitally restore your memories after they have been digitized for an extra charge. Very few companies discuss cleaning and restoration BEFORE they digitize your video tapes and film. At MyDVDTransfer, we don’t just say restoration as a marketing ploy, we actually do it!

MyDVDTransfer offers broadcast studio level VHS tape cleaning, 8mm film cleaning and Hi8mm video cassette tape cleaning as well, All video tapes and film are cleaned and repaired before we transfer them. Our TapeChek VT-2100 offers professional level VHS tape cleaning before we transfer VHS tapes to DVD. VHS tapes can accumulate mold, dust and loose oxide from the VHS tape over the years. TapeChek will remove all the old debris and re-polish the surface of your VHS tape before it is transferred. Removing the dirt and re-polishing the tapes surface allows for a higher quality VHS transfer.

Many of the national video transfer companies like the services through Walmart, COSTCO, CVS, YES Video and others as well do not discuss VHS Tape cleaning, the reason they do not is simple; it’s because they don’t offer it! Many consumers have come to MyDVDTransfer after having their tapes returned from companies like YES Video and these companies have told the consumers their tapes could not be transferred because of mold or dirt that has accumulated on the tape. MyDVDTransfer has been very successful restoring and transferring these memories for customers that others could not and we have the reviews to prove it….

A video is available on our website that will demonstrate how the TapeChek machine works. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt and debris that is removed from your VHS tape. The video will demonstrate the VHS tape cleaning process.

Consumer must remember; if a company is not using TapeChek and running hundreds if not thousands of dirty tapes through their VHS tape players and recorders, it is possible their machines are very dirty and therefore could diminish the quality of your memories! At the same time, their potentially dirty machines could harm and tear your VHS tapes. When a VHS machine is dirty and the VHS tape has not been cleaned properly, the VHS tape has a tendency to stick to the mechanical parts inside the VHS tape player which will increase the chances of your tape becoming shriveled or torn. (Many consumers are familiar with this and have had this happen in their own home with their own VCR over the years). At MyDVDTransfer, your memories will be cleaned and look crystal clear when you receive them. We’ll return your tapes to you in better and cleaner condition than we received them! Let’s not forget the life span of your original media, cleaning helps prolong the life of your video cassette tapes and your film as well,

Click Here for: TapeChek Video Link

Legacy film cleaning and restoration before digitizing is just as critical and in many ways more so than VHS tape transfers. Super 8 sound and silent, regular 8mm and 16mm film become brittle and extremely corroded over the years. Bringing back the vitality of the film (and the memories as well) and removing all the old dirt is very important in achieving a high quality film transfer to DVD. When film is not cleaned and lubricated correctly the ability for it to run smoothly and produce a clear image is greatly jeopardized. Much like a VHS tape, dirty film wants to stick to the mechanical parts of the film transfer unit (whether a belt driven unit or not). This can cause an increase of jitter and a bouncy image. During the late 70’s and into the 1980’s for the most part the average consumer’s film was not that old, so cleaning was not as big of an issue in comparison to now days (almost 25 to 30 years later and for 16mm film, 40 years later or more). Film cleaning is the most important factor of the film transfer process; regardless of what other companies or internet sites may tell consumers!

Many companies will discuss how nostalgic of an experience their film transfer will provide you when receiving their transfer product back. Yes, they are correct, watching your family memories will be a nostalgic experience. At the same time, why are they not discussing cleaning and restoration? And if they are not, there is a good chance it is because they are not fully cleaning and restoring the film before it is transferred. The reason for this, film cleaning is a very time consuming process and very difficult for companies to produce at some of the extremely low rates that are advertised on the internet now days. So, for many companies, not discussing the cleaning process and just focusing on the nostalgia of what they are providing is a more cost effective way of doing business. At MyDVDTransfer, we believe in the opposite, we believe in taking the extra time to explain to our customers how important cleaning and preservation is. Our motto is, “if unprepared film can bring a great nostalgic experience, imagine what clean and correctly prepared film will do!” A clean and bouncy free image will bring back your memories and bringing them back with a more enjoyable viewing experience!

A good tip we like to share with consumer’s that has helped hundreds of our customers around the country, ask the other companies you maybe considering for your transfer needs if they can provide photos of some cleaning projects they have done. Many of our customers have come back to us and said, “You are correct, they did not or could not provide any photos of cleaning projects, we were shocked; thank you for sharing inside industry knowledge!”

MyDVDTransfer can provide dozens of photos demonstrating film cleaning materials (film cleaning clothes from ECCO film cleaning applicator) that have been used on ALL of our customer’s film. The photos will amaze you of how much old dirt, faded film material, grim and even mold will come off your film. Feel free to email us directly at: in the subject line type: Request for Film Cleaning Photos. We will email several film cleaning photos to you.

MyDVDTransfer uses film cleaning solution from Urbanski film and we hand clean all film using an ECCO film cleaning applicator. All film is repaired, patched were needed, bad splices removed and new splices added. Leaders are added for your viewing pleasure and to ensure you are not missing any of your most valuable and precious family memories!

In closing and thank you for viewing our website, whether your needs are VHS tape transfer to DVD, Hi8mm video cassette to DVD, BETA to DVD, Super 8 film to DVD or even legacy 16mm film to dvd,  MyDVDTransfer will provide your memories the best quality restoration and transfer services available!

Remember at MyDVDTransfer, we take pride in preserving your most precious possession of allMEMORIES!